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Crime in California

A short view of  the past12 years


2012 began the trifectas of one government rule. Crime rate in 2012 was 440 incidents per 100 thousand residents. By 2015 just three short years later, it rose to 4.89% per100 thousand, another rise in 2016 to 5.32% per 100 thousand. four years later 2020 up to 6.42% per 100 thousand. In 2020 California crime rate *440 incidents per 100 thousand was higher than the national rate of 381 incidents per 100 thousand In 2021, 37 out of the 58 counties in California saw an increase in violent crime with 10 counties experiencing an increase of 20% plus. As of May 2023 California made it to the top five most violent crimes with a weapon, this in spite of having the toughest laws in the Nation, 90% of all gun violence in California are committed with an "unregistered" weapon. Even with these facts politicians in California ignore these facts and continue to assault the 2nd amendment. Needless to write individuals  in California continue to push the agenda of take away Law abiding citizens rights leaving them victims from the 97% of unregistered weapons.


Top 10 Worst Laws California  Approved in 2023

As Californians flee the state in record numbers, California politicians show no remorse as they double down on terrible laws. I invite all voters who are upset by these new laws to join me in our fight to restore common sense in Sacramento.

Top ten bad laws in 2023

1.      Giving Free Lawyers to illegal aliens (State Budget): Gavin Newsom and California Politicians are continuing to divert billions in state taxpayer funds to provide a wide range of free services and benefits to illegal immigrants-including free healthcare. To compound the insult Bureaucrats are using $60 million in state taxpayer funds to hire lawyers that illegals can use to sue the government as well as fight deportation.

2.      Taking Children away from Parents (AB665): Newsom  passed AB 665 which makes it easier for children to be taken away from their parents. Existing state law requires that a child could only be removed and “emancipated” if a licensed therapist or health professional determined that abuse or neglect was occurring that posed a threat to the child in the parents’ home and the child was mature enough to govern their own affairs. AB 665 removes any need to show abuse, neglect, or a threat – and allows “intern” or “trainee” to make the decision! One of the most reckless and anti-parent bills ever conceived is now law.

3.      Advancing Government-Run HealthCare (AB 770):  state government intrusion into its healthcare system has already resulted in a massive price hike for care, but that’s about to get much worse as the state initiates a complete government takeover of all healthcare with SB770 approved by Newsom. SB 770 instructs state officials to begin negotiations on obtaining a federal waiver to redirect all federal healthcare funds (including from Medicare and other federal health programs) to support government run healthcare system costing $500 billion annually! Next step: ban on private health insurance and a massive tax hike!

4.      Creating a More Toxic Workplace (SB497): California labor regulations already have made our state the worst place to create jobs by imposing excessive costs and high risks, but Newsom approved SB497 to exponentially increase the risk to all businesses by changing the burden of proof on worker retaliation cases. Under SB497 any disgruntled employee will be assumed to be the victim of retaliation by the employer, making them have zero chance of protection for themselves from false retaliation claims. In addition, making it harder for a business to justify creating jobs in our state by passing SB 363 to limit the use of arbitration to resolve disputes, AB 594 weaponizes local city attorneys to use taxpayer-funded lawyers as a free legal attack fund for local labor unions targeting small business.

5.      Stripping School Boards of Curriculum Powers (AB-1078): Elected officials approved AB-1078 they say is designed to stop book banning in California schools. This bill will serve as a local control over curriculum and seriously limit parents’ rights to have a say in what is taught in schools.

6.      Eliminating Discipline in Schools (SB274) Newsom & gang are fostering a culture of lawlessness by banning any suspensions of students who engage in “willful defiance” Democrats say it’s “racist” to punish students in a classroom with a simple suspension but they are always looking for ways to charge parents with crimes if they speak out too much at School Board meetings Expect teacher shortage in California to get much worse as good teachers leave the profession because they cannot control unruly children in the classroom.

7.      Making it Easier to Release Criminals (AB-81): with violent crimes continuing to rise across our State, Newsom “approved” SB-81 to allow early parole for inmates “regardless” of their behavior in prison, increasing chances of re-offending, or its impact on the victims or the population at large.

8.      Infringing on Your Right to Self-Defense (SB 2 and AB-28 and the newest one SB 1160):  Newsom & State Senator Portantino have created a crime wave with their revolving door policies, now they have made it harder for you to defend yourself by imposing a massive excise tax on guns and ammunition – as well as severely restricting your right to concealed carry. Newest law proposed is to force all weapons to be registered with a cost of registration to be $100 to $200 per weapon these laws are Unconstitutional on there face, but state politicians have absolutely no regard for following well-established civil rights laws. (all State Politicians have taxpayer paid “armed” private Security)  

9.      Setting the Stage for a “Carbon Tax” & SUV additional Tax (SB253 and SB251): Expect two huge new taxes to come to California shortly under two new laws approved by Newsom. SM253 establishes Carbon Emission reporting requirement on all business and sets the stage to then tax companies based on their carbon footprint – an element of the (Green New Deal). AB251 initiates a state examination on SUV to justify the imposition of a new SUV tax called a “Fee” for the so-called ‘impacts’ of larger vehicles that AB251 will document the Carbon footprint of your SUV and a Tax will be levied.

10.  Repealing Prop 13 and Rasing Taxes (ACA-1 and ACA-13): Newsom and his gang of thugs are supporting two laws (now being presented to voters) to gut Prop 13 and make it easier to raise your property taxes. ACA-1 reduces the voter approval threshold from a two-thirds supermajority to just 55% for local general obligation bonds and special taxes. ACA-13 is designed to block the California Taxpayer Protection initiative which would protect and strengthen Prop 13.

Together We can stop these bad laws, we are the People, Politicians forget who they work for! It’s time to change this road toward Socialism in California. These are just 10 of the worst laws to come at us as we struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Where does this end?


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