A few of Our Issues in California

From the 60’s Beach Boys song “California Dreaming” to Freddie Kruger “Nightmare on Elm Street”

As of March 5th 2024 the day of the California Primary we have a $73.5 billion dollar deficit and rising due to the total lack of common- sense Government, California has a choice, continue to allow this insanity or end  it with Candidates who are willing to stand and fight for the people of Assembly District 62

 ·       Highest Poverty rate in the Nation.

·       Highest Gas tax in the United States.

·       Highest Property tax in the Nation. Unions control employment California is not a right to work state.

·       California ranks 46th in fiscal health out of 50 states in stability. California has tripled its spending for homeless to over $200 million for their care.

California is as of 2023 1st in the most homeless in the nation.

·       California politicians now say it will need to spend $8 billion to fix the problems with the homeless.

·       California must pay as by State Law illegals $300 per week in unemployment as of June 2023, in addition to $3,874 per month in Federal aid, as well as $1,200 per month in Social Security benefits.

·       California is 5th out of 50 states for most violent crimes in 2023 for gun violence even Tho California has the toughest gun laws in America.

700 thousand moved out of California in 2022, it is estimated over 1 million will leave California in 2023.

California has been under one party rule for over 12 years, from Governor to Senate to Assembly. The current party has failed faithfully term after term in office. 

Education 2023/2024

It’s common knowledge that California is a failed State, one of the most important failures, is education, the following information was collected from California Department of Education, as well as Media reports and National Center for Education, as well as interviews with School officials and parents.

Sadly, it is common knowledge that California has failed its population in one of the most important qualities of life, “Education.” 

California education Ranks 44th out of 50 states 50 of course being the worst, in 2012 when it was 32 wasn’t good now after 12 years of single party rule, we have become even worse with a 12-point drop.

California is as of 2023 ranked 50 out of in student literacy, and to compound this California is now ranked as the least educated state in the Country.

These are the school Districts in Assembly District 62; Theses School districts have gone from education to the Practice of Diversity, inclusion, creating division between races, leading children in sexual circumstances beyond their concept or understanding.

Hunting Park – LAUSD /High School /Elementary, Math level 37% at grade level  Reading level 32% at grade level

South Gate – LAUSD / High School/Elementary, Bottom 50%, Math level 29% at grade level, Reading level 48% at grade level.

Paramount School District – (Paramount) High School/Elementary, College readiness 26.8% / Math 27% at grade level (High School) 19% / Reading 42% / High School 23%

Bellflower School District – (Bellflower) Math 32% at grade level, Reading 41% grade level.

Dept. of Education reported Bellflower in addition to its educational levels, a state audit found $83 million in excess funds being held an “Egregious” amount of mismanagement and lack of transparency from the Superintendent and Bellflower school board, the excessive funds being held are not getting into the classrooms where it is needed the most, 2022/23 Bellflower school district dropped 134 slots (places) in ranking for education. Bellflower now ranks worse than 58.2% of the districts in California.

Lynwood School District (Lynwood) Math 15% of grade level proficiency / Reading 28% of grade proficiency. Ranked as one of the States lowest in Education.

Lakewood School District – (Lakewood, ABC) Proficiency in grade level math 33% / Proficiency in reading 63%

Education in California has not only Failed our Children it continues to get worse as every one of these districts lists themselves as practicing “Diversity and Inclusion” which reflects the horrible education our children receive. The following exert is Quoted word for word from the California department of Education as well as LAUSD the 2nd largest school district in the United States. California has passed an “Ethnic” studies curriculum that calls for the “Decolonization” of American society, (the total and complete destruction of the family unit) the solution is “Counter genocide.” California dept. of Education has adopted  radical “trans-affirming” programming and instructs teachers to work toward the breakdown of the gender binary to experiment with gender pronouns and to adopt trans-affirming programming to make classrooms “Queer all School Year”  *You will find this and more in the LAUSD website under Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity department led by a “Judy Chiasson PhD”  allow me to point out that every School District in Assembly District 62 has changed, modified and used the outline for School Education from LAUSD “Judy Chiasson” as a model thus they are now listing and using Diversity and Inclusion in our Schools.

California also has The School Success and Opportunity Act (Assembly bill 1266) this “LAW” extends gender identity and gender expression discrimination protection to Transgender and gender-nonconforming (Non-Binary) K-12 Students in Public Schools. Added to a parent’s confusion with California education is what California dept. of Education calls (SOGIE) also known as “Sexual Orientation, gender identity & expression. This term recognizes all sexual orientation and gender identities including “Cisgender.”

The Budget (Cost) for this “non-education” California education budget for 2023 is over $108.3 Billion.

The Education for 2022 was $128.6 Billion and in 2021 $124.3 Billion over the past 12 years California taxpayers have paid hundreds of billions for education and have received nothing in return for all these billions to teach our children, Parents Must take control of the education of our children or we will go from 44th to 50th in education.

If any parent groups need me to appear at a School Board to fight for our children, I will gladly do so.


California The cost of Illegal Immigration 2023

The “estimated” cost of illegal immigration in California is $33 billion (plus) per year. The report highlights California’s expenditure on benefits and services for illegal aliens, which amounts to 22.8 billion annually (2022). Additionally, the cost in 2023 will be over $30 billion with the newest law giving illegal aliens $300 hundred per week in unemployment.

California contributes one-sixth of the total nationwide cost of illegal immigration, calculated to be for 2023 $185 to $200 billion annually.California’s contribution to the total nationwide cost of illegal immigration is “Significant” and among the (highest) compared to other states. According to estimates, the cost of illegal immigration in California is $32.5 plus billion, which accounts for approximately 8% of the estimated cost nationwide. It is important to note California shares a border with Mexico and has a large population of undocumented (illegal) immigrants, which contributes to its high immigration costs. As a result, California faces substantial expenses to health care, education, social services, and law enforcement for this population. In summary with California dwindling tax base, California stands at the doorstep of Bankruptcy possibility by the end of 2024 or sooner.

The non-voted Sanctuary status will be the cause of the fall of California.


                                                                                          Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

                                                                                           My Body! My Choice!

No one is telling any women what to do with “Her” Body with regards to Abortion.

                                                                                 “It’s The Body in Her body”!

A woman does not have the “Right of God “to decide the fate of another, this brings forth the Question “Homicide” “Murder” of Another human. Therefore, making the claim “My Body My Choice “Mute”

There will always be, and are exceptions with regards to Rape, Incest, the health of Mom or the unborn child 

 I am Pro-Life.


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